Press release: New service makes payroll in the cloud even easier

Press release, 9. september 2021

SAPHouse 2BM has launched a new payroll management service in the cloud, SAP Payroll Cloud, which ensures companies scalable and stable payroll administration with timely payroll and compliance in regards to GDPR, legal agreements and other lawrequirements.

Wages must fall on time and it must be correct. No matter which industry companies operate in, they have traditionally had a heavy burden in common: They have had to maintain and manage their on-premise payroll system on the server down in the basement.

But also payroll administration is now increasingly being moved up to solutions in the cloud, where they deprive companies of IT operations and costly administrative processes.

But also in the cloud, working with security, compliance and rights can be a challenge, and therefore the SAP consulting house 2BM can now offer its customers the new service SAP Payroll Cloud, which ensures that the company’s payroll administration is always compliant with GDPR, applicable legal agreements and other legal requirements – and that the salary is paid on time every month.

A new way of working with payroll

Cloudbased payroll administration is not just a new feature to the existing payroll system. It’s a whole new way of working with payroll. There is traditionally a lot of administration associated with payroll when the system is located locally. You must get a tax card, report and settle within certain deadlines and be aware of pensions, reimbursement and a new holiday law. In future, all that administration will be part of the service you buy. It offers economies of scale, and I am absolutely convinced that no companies will have their own payroll systems in 10 years. Many smaller companies are already in the cloud with their salaries, and the large companies will also move their salaries up there, just as they no longer have their own mail servers,” says Mads Eske Jessen, partner in 2BM.

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Large-scale operation with individual adaptation

With SAP Payroll Cloud, 2BM is responsible for the operation of the cloud-based payroll system that the company has chosen, whether it is KMD Payroll Cloud or other solutions.

The company can outsource its payroll system with SAP Payroll Cloud in two ways. The company can either manage its payroll informationthemselves, or choose a full outsourcing and utilize 2BM’sexisting service center with payroll consultants who handle payroll administration.

“The company minimizes the risk associated with payroll. Salaries are difficult, and it has generally become more difficult to attract and retain skilled payroll consultants who, for example, can make reimbursements, which for larger companies amount to millions of kroner each year. Via templates, the company can still adapt the solution to its own needs, as many companies have local rules for surcharges and bonuses. But the ongoing operation and updating in relation to GDPR, legal agreements and legal requirements happens automatically. Previously, each company had to implement and update their payroll system themselves. In future, it will benefit all our customers at the same time when we turn on the system to improve it, ”says Mads Eske Jessen.

A scalable payroll solution

SAP is the world’s most widely used ERP solution and has payroll systems for more than 40different countries.

With SAP Payroll Cloud, 2BM offers a payroll service focusedon the Scandinavian market, so that companies with branches in Denmark, Norway and Sweden also receive a comprehensive service that is compliant in all three countries.

SAP Payroll Cloud is also scalable, as the company only pays per. payslip it produces.

“Among other things, this benefits companies in seasonal industries and companies with a large turnover of employees. It also streamlines the costs of payroll administration in connection with divestments and acquisitions, that you always only pay for the payslips you produce. says Mads Eske Jessen.

Natural ERP development

2BM has been offering its customers SAP-based payroll solutions for 20 years, and the new SAP Payroll Cloud service adds to the development that has generally taken place within ERP systems in recent years.

SAP Payroll Cloud is, among other things, preconfigured to be able to integrate with SAP’sHR solutions HCM, SuccessFactors and Workday.

“For us, SAP Payroll Cloud is a natural development. More ERP systems are becoming intelligent and moving in the cloud, and payroll administration is the next step where we can help create the workplace of the future for customers,” says Mads Eske Jessen.


2BM is a leading SAP IT, consulting and development house that aims to bring tomorrow’s effective technology into today’s business processes. 2BM helps customers throughout the country from offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

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Partner, 2BM

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